Creative Writing as a Spiritual Practice


by Debbie Bronkema

I say these words, and whatever room I’m in, I see a light go on in somebody’s eyes.  There are stories in us that are too hard to tell straight on.  There are ways we are desiring to grow that need words put to them, to feed our souls and connect us with the power of God.

Whether we are writing fiction, or telling our own stories through memoir, or putting poems to the page – we can feed our spirits by connecting with writing as a spiritual practice.  We can learn to be intentional, and attentive, to listen, and to experience gratitude. 

In the past ten years, as I’ve explored these places of intersection, I have witnessed the power of words to connect us with the Presence of God in our lives.  I have seen stories transform people’s relationships with each other and with God.

How does it work?  Here’s an easy place to get started.  Do you remember the haiku format –the three line 5-7-5 syllable pattern for poetry?  Slow down for a moment today, and notice something you want to remember, or something you are grateful for.  Then use this format to describe it.  You’ll notice you need to be extremely intentional with each word to make it convey what you really want it to say.

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