Examples of Outstanding Social Media Success

Today I would like to share two examples of outstanding social media success.


Example 1: an established author


In this case, the author had written many books over a period of decades, but he had no website and no social media presence whatsoever.  Here is what he did over a period of four years:


Starting point:

  • Facebook fans: 0
  • Twitter followers: 0
  • YouTube views: 0


Four years later:

  • Facebook fans: over 1.8 million
  • Twitter followers: over 300 thousand
  • YouTube views: over 140,000
  • Book sales increased over 40%


How did this happen???!!!

  1. Amazing content to reuse
  2. Experimentation and refinement
  3. Consistent social media posts
  4. Strategic selection of content formats
  5. Social media advertising


Example 2: a brand new business


In this case, the business was starting from scratch: no brand awareness (it did not previously exist!), no online presence.


Starting point:

  • Facebook fans: 0
  • Twitter followers: 0
  • Revenue: 0


Four months later:

  • 136 customers at $99 each


The lesson from these examples? Yes, it is quite possible to use social media to grow your following and your business!