A writer, ​award-winning ​editor, speaker, and voice actress, Joyce Dinkins is also a passionate mentor. Through Joyce Dinkins Publishing LLC, she owns and directs Publishing in Color. Joyce also serves​ on the Academy of Christian Editors board​,​ and the ​ECPA diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) subcommittee. As founding editor of Our Daily Bread Ministries VOICES, ​​Cook Communications Ministries Echoes​, and more, she​ ​has ​developed Christian content ​​for some thirty years. Joyce earned her BA in English magna cum laude from Northern Michigan University, and a Masters in Curriculum Development and Instruction with honors from Colorado Christian University. In 2014 and 2015, Joyce received awards for fiction and nonfiction editing from the American Writers and Speakers Association. Joyce is married to Steven Dinkins. They have three adult children.