Releasing a book during COVID? It’s a whole new world out there.


A strong, digital presence has always been essential, but now without the benefit of end caps, window displays, or author signings in your favorite bookstores, it’s more important than ever to create dynamic, shareable content that will grab readers’ attention, and get them to buy your book.

Think of the last time you decided you just had to see a certain movie. What convinced you? Chances are it was the preview that flashed up on your social media feed—then shared with your family and friends, because you knew they’d love it, too. Believe it or not, a fantastic book trailer can do the same thing.

Everyone is connecting more via social media than ever before, on their phones, tablets, and laptops. A book trailer can be an excellent way to reach new people, spread the word, and market your self-published book.

A 30 – 60 second video that captures the heart of your creation, can communicate the essence of your book to your target audience and increase your sales. See this example:

If you have a published or self-published book and would like a trailer to help market your book, Paraclete Multimedia would be happy to help.