Social Media & The Algorithm of Fear

Excerpt from article by Kaitlin Curtice published in The Liminality Journal

“It’s been a while since I’ve felt the very real effects of stress pulse from my body in the middle of the day; a quiet but steady stomachache, a dull throb above my left eyebrow, a tightening in my chest and shoulders all remind me that my daily rhythm has been infused with too much stress and not enough care.

But this is how it works for us as authors, when the quiet, steady, behind-the-scenes work suddenly becomes pre-order season, when we begin pushing our books out into the world asking others to take a chance, to order them, to read them, to support us.

It’s as terrifying as it is beautiful, honestly, sending our stories out there with our fingers crossed hoping you’ll think us worthy. We rely fully on our community of readers to show up and take us into your daily lives. What a relationship!

But what happens when social media doesn’t work the way we want it to? What happens when our communities aren’t seeing our posts and don’t have the capacity to interact?

What happens when the commodification of even our presence online means things get more and more toxic every day?…”

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