The Two Most Important Things

Last year I had the honor and pleasure of speaking at the Culture Care Summit, led by Mako Fujimura, Director of the Brehm Center for the Arts at Fuller Seminary.  I gave two back-to-back presentations on “Social Media for Creatives” – the attendees were great – many good questions and relevant discussion.


By the time I got to my last slide of the second presentation, a summary slide, I realized that it was missing what I really wanted to say:


“Here are the two most important things for you to remember from this presentation:


  1. Find your market niche – that open space in the market where you have expertise and can become known


  1. Consistently and persistently create content to position yourself as a thought leader in that niche”


Of course, neither of these relate directly to social media; they are part of the broader strategic positioning of yourself as an author.  Social media is simply a means to an end. Before you worry about social media, figure out how to become known!